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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Efficiency and Cost Savings

The Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning systems use an inverter compressor technology. The inverter only uses the energy needed to heat or cool your zones, i.e. rooms and spaces, precisely controlling your comfort.

This is unlike conventional systems that turn fully on and off with a “bang”. Not only can you maintain a consistently comfortable temperature, you can also lower your next energy bill.

The split zone units allow you to fine tune the temperatures in the spaces you use. While decreasing energy consumption and costs, you can be comfortable in spaces with varying heating and cooling needs.

Inverter compressors ramp up rapidly to provide only the heating or cooling needed zone by zone. The inverter system controls then allow the compressor to vary its speed to maintain the desired heating or cooling. It avoids running at 100% capacity, when only a partial load is needed, or not needed at all in the different zones.

This translates into a significant energy cost savings and lower heating and cooling bills.air conditioning

Most conventional compressors in traditional HVAC systems only operate at 0% and 100% capacity.  That is, the units are either off .. or on.  This can waste a great deal of energy when only a partial load is needed.

This waste of energy  directly translates into unneeded cost and higher heating and cooling bills.

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