Tips to get your heating system Fall ready!

With the cold months coming, you will need to make a transition to increase warmth and ensure comfort in your home. Winter preparation includes cleaning chimneys, sealing windows, and clearing gutters for the sake of optimizing heat. The cold season is also the time to check your AC system in Willis and Conroe for necessary [...]

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The Pet Owner and Clean Air

Your pets may be a beloved part of your family, and you may thoroughly enjoy the companionship of one or more cats or dogs. As wonderful as your furry friends may be, their presence can potentially make your home dirtier, and you need to take proper steps to care for your HVAC system as a [...]

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Flooded AC Unit?

After experiencing the horrendous damage of a flood on your property, your primary goal may be to restore the condition of the home and to get your family life back to normal. You may be focused on restoring features in your home, such as carpeting, drywall, plumbing, electrical features and more. While you may be [...]

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Is Your AC Leaking Freon?

Any time a leak is discovered inside your home, it may strike you with dread and cause anxiety. After all, a liquid leak is generally associated with water damage, mold growth and other related issues. A plumbing leak is not the only type of leak that homeowners may have to contend with. With a closer [...]

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New Home Addition? Upgrade your AC!

A Home Addition Requires Upgrading Your Heating and Cooling System When your home becomes too cramped or is otherwise no longer functional for your family's changing needs, completing a home addition project is an excellent idea. You may be focused on finding a construction contractor to complete the work for you and selecting the right [...]

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AC Filter Dirty? Change it!

The end of summer means it’s time to change your AC filter before the heating season starts. It doesn't feel like it will ever be the heating season right now, does it? If you haven’t used your heater since spring, and you have done a LOT of cooling this pas summer, you definitely need to [...]

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Hurricane Harvey flooded my AC – now what?

AC Hurricane Harvey Flood Damage What should I do if my AC was under water or damaged because of Hurricane Harvey in Montgomery County? There are many people who have questions about their AC  due to the large amount of rain from Hurricane Harvey... does my AC have flood damage?  Here is a quick list of items [...]

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Humidity in Your Home?

How to Naturally Reduce the Humidity in your Home If you are concerned about high levels of humidity in your Willis or Conroe home, your worries may be justified. High humidity levels can create a musty, stale odor in the home that makes your indoor environment unpleasant. It can also lead to the rapid growth of [...]

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Appliances and HVAC Affect Your Energy Bills

Some, but not all, of the hardworking appliances inside your home raise energy bills as they start to wear out. If you are concerned with keeping your home’s energy costs low and you depend on the conveniences they offer, keep an eye on these vulnerable appliances: Refrigerator The refrigerator is another appliance that runs 24/7 [...]

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When temperatures soar and humidity levels make rooms feel like saunas, Dependable Air Conditioning and Heating in Conroe and Willis is the first step to comfort. It's difficult to feel energetic when air conditioning systems are not operating at their highest efficiencies. One reason for decreased air conditioning efficiency is lack of regular AC maintenance.  Do [...]

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