When temperatures soar and humidity levels make rooms feel like saunas, Dependable Air Conditioning and Heating in Conroe and Willis is the first step to comfort. It's difficult to feel energetic when air conditioning systems are not operating at their highest efficiencies. One reason for decreased air conditioning efficiency is lack of regular AC maintenance.  Do [...]

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Reduce Allergens in your AC System

AC technicians and people around Willis, Texas know that allergy season has arrived. It’s not just all the pollen. Allergens are carried into your home through the air, settle on the surfaces of your home, and make your air quality suffer. Airborne particles like pet dander, dust mites, mold, and cockroach droppings can cause coughing and [...]

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HVAC System: When Should You Replace It?

  When Should You Replace Your HVAC System? All HVAC air conditioning systems are designed to operate at temperatures at or below 95 degrees and, ideally, last an average of 12-15 years. In Willis and Conroe Texas, temperatures above 95 degrees are typical in the summer months, systems often begin to fail at between eight [...]

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Now Hiring!

Dependable AC and Heating is in the search for a qualified Technician with a minimum of 2 years in the field experience.   We will consider a person with fewer years as a helper until he or she can get up to speed to be on their own. Salary will be commensurate with capabilities. Call [...]

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Thank You from Panorama Lion’s Club

Dependable AC and Heating participated in the 2017 Charity Golf Tournament with The Panorama Lions Club.  

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AC Downtime Hurts Your Business!

Every part of your building is affected by your AC system in Willis and Conroe – but you might not realize just how important it is until it fails. The truth is, a serious AC  system in Willis and Conroe issue can cause many aspects of business to slam to a stop. When your HVAC [...]

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Efficiency Ratings In AC Systems

With advancements in technology in all industries, education becomes vital for the purchase and use of most, if not all, products purchased and HVAC products are included. The one time expense of purchasing an air conditioning system should be factored against the never ending expense of operation of that system. The industry rates equipment with [...]

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Which AC & Heating System Part Last

How Much is this Air Conditioning & Heating System Going to Cost is not that simple! See how” HOW MUCH IS THIS AC & Heating System GOING TO COST” is a loaded question? It’s all about perspective. Our goal is to share with anyone who will listen our perspective by sharing our experience and knowledge [...]

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Part 4 of Choosing an AC & Heating System

AC & Heating System Installation I can tell you this, the best designed system using the best or even less than best products will not be successful if not properly installed and balanced by caring, qualified people. When I first got into this industry 40+ years ago there was a saying floating around the industry [...]

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Choosing an AC & Heating System Part 3

Brand Requirements & Warranty Failure Rate of AC & Heating System Now we have taken information gathered from multiple sources, applied BEST industry practices to our tools to determine our best answer to your question “HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST”? We always offer the best case option for quality and duration. That brings [...]

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